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Thai Cuisine

Aubergines with Pork & Prawns (Makhua Phao Song Kruang)
Baked Garlic Quail
Baked Prawns and Mungbean Noodles- Kung Op Wun Sen
Barbecued Chicken Wings - Peak Gai Yang
Barbequed Squid
Beef Laap
Broiled or Grilled Marinated Chicken (Gai Yang)
Charcoaled Squid - Pla Muk Yang
Chicken Curry
Evil Jungle Prince
Gaeng Pa Hed
Laap Neua
Pad Thai
Tam Lao (Papaya Salad)
Thom Kha Kai

Vegetarian Entree
Ajar Salad
Aromatic Broth with Vegetable Slivers
Aubergine Fritters (Makhua Chub Khai Thord)
Bean Sprouts with Tomatoes
Green Papaya Salad
Hot & Sour Vermicelli Salad (Yam Wun Sen)

Thai Style Basil Dipping Sauce

Glutinous Rice & Bananas
Sticky Rice Mango

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