Nok Kho Hum Sai Kalampi (Braised Quail w/ Cabbage)

Serving Size:

1 fresh quail, plucked, gutted, washed and sprinkled with salt and ground black pepper
5 straight-bulbed spring onions, crushed and stuffed into the bird (tie the bird's feet and wings to its body using wire)
butter, the size of a hen's egg
1 cabbage, cut into quarters
ground black pepper
chopped coriander leaves
pig's bone broth
  • Put the butter in a cast-iron pot and put the pot on the fire. When the butter is hot, put in the bird. Turn it from side to side until it is nicely golden all over. Then add enough pig's-bone broth or other clear soup to cover the bird. Put in the quarters of cabbage, cover the pot and leave it until the broth has largely evaporated and the bird and cabbage are well cooked. The liquid remaining should be just enough to keep the bird from drying out
  • Take the bird out of the pot and divide it into the breast and leg parts. Dress these on the centre of a platter and arrange the quarters of cabbage around them. Use the liquid left over in the pot as sauce, and garnish the dish with ground black pepper and chopped coriander. Serve it with Jaew Sam.
From: TRADITIONAL RECIPES OF LAOS by Phia Sing, ISBN 0 907325 60 2

copyright 2008