Kai Pad Khing (Fried Chicken w/ Ginger)

Serving Size:

1 chicken
1 chicken gizzard, turned inside out, washed, salted, sprinkled with ground black pepper and left on a plate
1 fully grown coconut, opened, the meat grated and two extractions of coconut milk squeezed out, only a little from each extraction
2 peices ginger, thinly sliced; squeeze out the liquid and fry it in pork fat until it gives off a good aroma, then remove it from the fat and leave it on a plate
shallots, peeled-fry them until they give off a good aroma and are nice and golden, then leave them on a plate-you should have enough to fill a large rice-bowl
1 lg onion, peeled and finely chopped and set aside in a bowl
3 sm heads garlic, peeled and crushed
fish sauce
coriander leaves, chopped
ground black pepper
  • Chicken preparation: divide it first into two breast pieces and two leg pieces, then cut and divide the legs from the drumsticks. As for the feet, they should be cut off at the knee joints the wings should also be separated at the shoulder bones, and each breast cut into two parts. The remaining should be cut into large pieces-do not cut bones into small pieces.
  • Put a wok on the fire, and I ladleful of pork fat in it. Add the chopped onion and fry it until it gives off a good smell and has turned golden. Next, put in the chicken and the crushed garlic. Turn the pieces of chicken frequently, add the fish sauce and mix everything together. If there seems to be too much fat, pour off some of it. Then add the second extraction of coconut milk and put the lid on the pan. When the chicken is tender, add the first extraction of coconut milk. When this comes to the boil, add the fried shallots and the fried ginger. Taste and check the saltiness. Then add the chopped spring onion leaves. Dish up on a platter and garnish with ground black pepper and chopped coriander leaves; then serve.
From: TRADITIONAL RECIPES OF LAOS by Phia Sing, ISBN 0 907325 60 2

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